about saenz performance

Who is Saenz Performance?

We are an Argentinian company based in Miami, Florida with our very own foundry and manufacturing plant in Argentina using only American, Military grade, 4340, 300M Steel and Titanium materials.

Our main focus is high performance connecting rods for both racing and factory replacements in cars, trucks, motorcycles and marine uses alongside sequential and H-Pattern racing transmissions.  We also heavily specialize in custom spec connecting rods which leaves for the possibility of countless combinations. 

Our products have won more than 100 championships worldwide including 2 World Rally and 1 Formla1 Boat Event.  With over 50 years of experience in manufacturing and 40 in the motorsports market, we stand behind our products. 

Our goal is to fully satisfy the needs of our customers no matter the challenge. We are proud to offer top quality products each made with the latest cutting-edge technology.    We test and retest each of our products at every stage in the manufacturing process to ensure the excellent and consistent quality of our many products. 

Saenz Performance